Tips of fitting *LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom 2

x) Rider boots R & L
Please wear it with other cloths

You need to wear x) Rider boots (mask)
It hide your skin of only leg part

Please move boots to upper side if you see invisible part.
also may need to change rotation a little.
then check it by multiple angle view (from upper top side)

move boots to upper by selecting Z arrow
Check it can fit correctly by different angle view

Tips of fitting *LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom

*LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom
is using "alpha layer" *) Offizier mask
to hide avatar's unnatural leg silhouette.
Please wear "
*) Offizier boots L & R" in the package.
if you want to wear with upper foot prim parts
Pants style b) Offizier chaps  or Naked style a) Offizier pants

a) Offizier pants, & b)
Offizier chaps has adjustable prim.
This boots also has "adjustable prim" to cover naturally for your

invisible knee part of your leg.

You can edit to stretch each or both prim 
in order to cover your invisible knee part.
(Please do not forget to taking copy original before edit)

(x) Rider boots L & R is for single use purpose to wear other cloths.
Therefore it has no adjustable prim. 
Pleae make sure to wear.

Adjustable prim of Offizier chaps & Offizier pants parts.

adjustable prim of *)offizier boots
Edit + edit Linked and select adjustable prim
then stretch it to cover correctly of your knee

*LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom

This product is sculpted bottom (pants, belt & boots)
which can fit for my Jacket"
Panzerlied (TankRiders)" and Micro top

"*Not enclosed Top Tank Riders jacket" and Micro.

This procut is using mask layer of Viewer2.0.
You should use Viewer 2.0 or compatible.

2 style enclosed.
*With pants layer as officer pants style.
*Naked style
*multi purpose boots (can used with other cloth)


With pants layer as officer pants style.:
Please select ware start with*) &  a)

*) Offizier boots L ==> Sculpted boots L
*) Offizier boots R ==> Sculpted boots R
*) Offizier boots shape ==> shape foot
*) Offizier boots mask ==> hide your avater leggs

a) offizier Pants ==> pants layer
a) offizier Pants belt ==> Sculpted belt
a) offizier Pants belt (with holster) ==> Sculpted belt with holster& dress dagger
a) offizier Pants L ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg L
a) offizier Pants R ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg R

Naked Fetish Style:
Please select ware items start with *) & b)

b) Offizier chaps belt with panty ==> sculpted bet with sculpted panty
b) Offizier chaps belt with panty & dagger  ==> with dagger of above
b) Offizier chaps L ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg L
b) Offizier chaps R ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg R
b) panty cover crotch => panty layer to cover yourcrotch
 (hide you against time gap until showing scurpture panty)

Additionaly I made standing alone boots
if you'd like to wear them with other cloths
Please use this boots start with x)

*) Rider boots (mask) hide your foot
*) Rider boots L ==> sculpted bootswithout pants parts
*) Rider boots R ==> sculpted bootswithout pants parts

also I enclosed sculpted panty only (not a part of belt)
You can use it with othercloths.
c) sculpted panty only

SL Market Place

Due to terminate of XStreet service,

Second Life MarketPlace has been started.

Water Lost World Project

Here is a Map image for 4 SIM in world
as Water Lost World Project.

Linden's Showcase

STUDIO4D is selected in Linden's Showcase.
I really thank you all.
My created 3 SIM are all selected ;)

Studio4D Club ZAIN LPP neo

Water Lost World

Now 4 SIM (ZAIN, STUDIO4D, ENDLESS & LPP neo) jointed.

All 4 SIM are designed same concept "Water Lost World"
I hope you can spend times as stranger who enter this world
and enjoy some nostalgic, sentimental & strange feeling.

I really thank you owners Moto (ZAIN), Live(4D) who gave me a chance
to built their SIM & great thank you for Mika(ENDLESS)

I made huge "abandoned bridge under construction"
between LPP neo and ENDLESS.
It will be like a bridge linking all people.



The gift from my friend.
I thank you so much.

*LPP Riders Rouge

Riders Rouge for all girl's riders

* Jackets x 2 (open front & closed front)
* Shoulder protectors
* lower arms x 2 (long sleeve & 2/3 sleeve)
* Knee protectors
* Riders boots (with leg protector & simple)
* Riders Pants with culpture prim belt
* micro tanktop (shirt layer)
* jacket cover layer
* sleeve & feet mask layer (full sleeve & 2/3 sleeve)

Remarks :
You need 2.0viewer or compatible viewers
to use mask (alpha) layer which cover your feet & arms.


R U THERE 2010
Venue: Festival de Cannes -- Un Certain Regard
Jitze meets a girl and starts realizing what it means 
to be human in the age of the virtual worlds.

She is wearing "LPP SP left arm's armor" made in 2008 ;)

*LPP* imbalance

*LPP* imbalance
This product is sculpted cloths including
One shoulder top & 4 skirts

1) top
    1) imbalance one shoulder top

2) 4 kinds of skirts
    2) imbalance Asymmetry skirt (B&W)
    2) imbalance Asymmetry skirt (black)
    3) imbalance mini skirt (B&W)
    3) imbalance mini skirt (black)

Urge Micro TankTop & Micro skirt

*LPP* urge

This product is sculpted cloths including
micro tanktop & micro skirt in Black & White.color.

1) 3 kinds of skirts

    * Urge Micro skirt   => simple skirt
    * Urge Micro skirt with pouch  => with 1 pouch front 2 pouchs back side.
    * Urge Micro skirt with panty & pouch  => with above and panty

2) Black & White color of each sets.
    * (BK) for black color
    * (White) for white color

Bug Fix for MoonDiver

Dear customers.
I fix Linden's bug for permission.
the inventory says that both the micro with or without bra
are modifyable. However unable to edit them.

Please rez updater on the ground.
You will get box enclosed bug fixed both jackets.

Best regards.



1) There are 2 sculpted Jackets.
2.MoonDiver micro
2.MoonDiver micro (with bra) => with brassiere & belt, Strap parts.

Please wear "2.MoonDiver micro cover" which can
cover your skin under sculpted jacket.

2) There are 3 kinds of headset.
5. MoonDiver Headset (ear)  => position ear
5.MoonDiver HeadSet (Neck) => position on your neck
6.MoonDiver Leg band (with headset) => position on your upper right foot.
6.MoonDiver Leg band (This is just legband

3) You can select long pants style or panty. style.

*long pants style. Please wear as follows.
3.MoonDiver Long pants  => pants layer
3.MoonDiver Long pants belt  => sculpted belt with pochets

+panty style.
Do not wear long pants layer
7.MoonDiver panty => sculpted panty

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