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Image for Miranda

Miranda update V1.1

I update each package to add "Slip off camisole"
V.1.1 is already included.
Please rez updater on the ground
& get "Slip off camisole"  have fun ;)

Alert of Copy item

I'm really sorry to inform you that
my stuff "Miranda" was copied illegally
I was informed from my customer with picture.
I really hope that "Please do not purchase this kind of copy items"

Slip off


New release "Miranda" camisole & short pants pack

There are 4 different packs
* Black Pack
* B&W Pack
* White Pack
* Mega Pack (3 packs included)

Each pack enclosed

* Camisole
* Short pants (normal)
* Short pants semi open zip
* Short pants full open zip
* Short pants with west belt

ZAIN Member ID card 2

Also free gift box is included DJ type ;)

ZAIN Member ID card

You can get as free gift for "ZAIN member ID card"
during LPP night on Mar 06 at Club ZAIN

1) You can change your own picture.
2) 2 types included (Neck strap & key chain)

Don't miss it!

Le conte'

Sculpted monotone dress & pumps pack
Enjoy cute monotone ;)