Rusted U-Boat VII Display model

Dear Customers

*LPP Rusted U-Boat VII

This is realistec rusted U-Boat type VII for display only for your SIM.
It should be fine item or decoration for your SIM environment.
I created it as Rusted like salvaged after 5 years from sank.
You can check it at my SIM. it dive/surface every 5 min.

Packing list

* LPP Rusted U-Boat VII fixed
   (189 prims)

* LPP Rusted U-Boat VII (separate guns)
   It's not linked Flak & Deck Gun. You can change angle of them as you like
   U-Boat  142 prims,  Flak 26 prims,  Deck Gun 21 prims

* LPP Rusted U-Boat VII (scripted)
   The timer script inside.
   dive & surfacing  (10m) every 5 minutes
   The sund is changing  Surfacing => Disel engine, Dive => Sonar

Display of Choice! gift

Dear customers,
I displayed my choice! gift at my shop.
You can check it ;)

Gift from *LPP for Winter Choice!2009

Dear Customers
I thank you for all customers that I can join to Winter Choice!2009
in this year too. I created *LPP gift "Ma guérison" Living furnish set.
 I hope that you can enjoy them.

* Packing List
sofa 5 sets (sofa + cushions + 5 pose balls)
sofa 2 sets (sofa + cushions + 2 pose balls)
side table
low table
light 1
light 2
rug (5 texchar chage by chat)



1) Sofa
cushions & pose balls are not linked with sofa
then You can move positon wherever you want.
also you can use your own pose balls or cushions instead of them

2) pose balls
There are multiple sitting animations inside.
You can change animation by  hit "Pade Down key"

hide / show pase balls by chat command

/9 show => showing balls
/9 hide => hiding balls

3) lighting

You can on light
(not actual light but just bright & glow
It not effect for face lights)

lights & table glass top by chat command

/9 on => on lights
/9 off => off lishts

4) Rug

/9 1 ~ 5   (type 1 through 5)

LPP neo

*LPP has been moved to new FULL SIM

I thank you so much for all my customers and friends
who care for me these days.
I could find it and just opened (still need to modify environment)

LPP Closed & Need to move

Dear my customers,

I'm sorry to inform you but My LPP will be terminated soon.
The reason is Bankruptcy of land owner "PANDA MART" 
The settlement date is Dec 02 however he couldn't pay Tier fee to Linden.
It was informed to me this morning by land owner.
The only thing I can do is just "taking my all objects"

The announcement of owner as follows (Japanese)

I fortunately just rescued all my objects now
but I need to find new SIM.
Sorry for inconvenient this kind of things.
Also I thank you so much for my customer who gave me
so many IM who care for me.

I'm sure that I will announce new LM here.
I hope that I can see you soon.

aoimizuno Meili  *LPP

Black Ops suit for men

Sorry for kept you waiting so long time....
I'v just released Black Ops suit for "MEN"
New textures, new parts to fit for Male avaters.
The contents is same as female version.

Black Ops heavy armed suit for men

Sorry for kept you waiting so long time....
I'v just released Black Ops Heavy Armed suit for "MEN"
New textures, new parts to fit for Male avaters.
The contents is same as female version.

Updated "WeiB team Jacket

I added "Micro short body" into this package.
so new version no. V.1.1
Please rez updater and
get this cute & sexy short jacket body!

WeiB team Jacket now on sale

WeiB team Jacket is now on sale.
It is sculpted prim & prim jackets.
1) Long / short sleeves included.
2) Make it "dirty" by chat command
3) Show / Hide stripe & badges

Coming soon (Vocalid Jacket) 2

Additional Photos
You can make it "dirty"(looks like dried blood spots)
"on/off badges & strip on right arms by chat command.

Coming soon (Vocalid Jacket)

The Vocaloid Jacket for WeiB will coming soon.

Update "Black Ops suit & Heavy Armer Pack"

Dear users,

V.1.2 : Black Ops suit
V.1.4 : Heavy armer pack

I added body lower parts without sword sheath.
Some user want to put Gun holster instead of sword sheath ;)
Rez your updater and get it thank you.

* Delivery will be some delay depends on SIM condition.


Sing like a talking for you

SS by using "Body Language" pose HUD

body language Dual Gun Pose HUD

The famous well know AO shop "body language" created
body language Dual Gun Pose HUD for taking picture purpose.
and it is added StZ-19/21 Dual Sub-Machinegun package!! 

You can enjoy to take pics with this.

Remarks : Please wear
**StZ-21 (R) Hand Main for HUD (level 3 animation included)
when you use this HUD.
This HUD is (no copy, No mod)

StZ-19/21 Dual Sub-Machinegun

StZ-19/21 Dual Sub-Machinegun 

Holsters are included Right (StZ-21), Left (StZ-19)  

   -1.1- The Basics

             Type "draw" to draw the weapon.
             Type "sling" to sling the weapon.
             Type "dual" to draw both weapons.
             Type "single" to use one of 2 weapons.
             Type "a" to Full Automatic
             type "s" to Semi Automatic

   -1.2- Saftey and Help
             Type "safe" to Engage the Saftey.
             Type "nosafe" to Disengage the Saftey.
             Type "help" to Get this Notecard,

   -1.3- Bullet Modes
            *By default Damage is always armed
            Type "db" to Arm the Damage Bullet.
            Type "tb"  to Arm the Training Bullet.
            Type "lb" to Arm Lag less Damage Bullet.
            Type"bb" to Arm blood effect (if hit averter).
   -1.4- Velocity

            *By Default Velocity is Always set to 100
            Velocity on this weapon is Adjustable...
            simply type "vel.###" to adjust the velocity
            e.g.: vel.123
   -1.5- Attachments

        type "scp" to Toggle metal stock.
        type "las" to  Toggle the Laser.
        type "sil" to toggle the Silencer.      
       Additional Note: The Weapon Saves Attachments
       when Slung , So no need to toggle the attachments
       every time you draw them.

        type "fx" all effects on  (Muzzle flash,
        GunSmoke of Silencer, Clips & Casing)
        type "nofx" all effets off ( -ditto-)
         ==> **  Recommended at RP SIM

Dance&Music Laboratory weiβ [VAIS]

The mysterious Dance&Music unit weiβ [VAIS]
suddenly appeared on BLACK SONIC 2009.
*LPP supported their costume.

Flickr group "LPP images in SL"

My friend "YumiDoll Funizza"created Flickr group.
LPP images in SL
Please try to submit for your favourite pics of LPP images
hope you can share them with us ;)

Update "Black Ops Heavy Armer"

I created Back Pack with 2 rockets
of "Black Ops Heavy Armer"
It will be fit with my new product "Panzerfaust-9"

Added into Vendor also 
Please rez "Updater" on the ground.if you have this product.
You will get this additional Back Pack automatically.


Released "Panzerfaust-9"
shoulder launched rocket propelled grenade weapon.

* Command List
In local chat These are the commands to use to corespond to the weapon
draw      will draw the weapon
sling       will sling the weapon
1 )Fires a rocket, 15m kill Radius. 
2) 3 second reload with reloading animation.
3) Has many Particle effects, 
Designed specifficly for Linden Damage Zone combat. 
Will not Kill People with the same group tag

* Packing List
Panzerfaust-9 => (attached on your hand)
Panzerfaust Sling  => (attached on your spin)
Panzerfaust (short-storage type) Sling => (attached on your spin)
Please chose Sling one of Panzerfaust Sling.
also you can change attache position.
Originaly it is designed to fit with my  back pack of "Black Ops heavy armer pack"

New Blog

I moved my blog from Le petit prince
You can check my new release from *LPP timely here.