Rusted U-Boat VII Display model

Dear Customers

*LPP Rusted U-Boat VII

This is realistec rusted U-Boat type VII for display only for your SIM.
It should be fine item or decoration for your SIM environment.
I created it as Rusted like salvaged after 5 years from sank.
You can check it at my SIM. it dive/surface every 5 min.

Packing list

* LPP Rusted U-Boat VII fixed
   (189 prims)

* LPP Rusted U-Boat VII (separate guns)
   It's not linked Flak & Deck Gun. You can change angle of them as you like
   U-Boat  142 prims,  Flak 26 prims,  Deck Gun 21 prims

* LPP Rusted U-Boat VII (scripted)
   The timer script inside.
   dive & surfacing  (10m) every 5 minutes
   The sund is changing  Surfacing => Disel engine, Dive => Sonar

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