Gift from *LPP for Winter Choice!2009

Dear Customers
I thank you for all customers that I can join to Winter Choice!2009
in this year too. I created *LPP gift "Ma guérison" Living furnish set.
 I hope that you can enjoy them.

* Packing List
sofa 5 sets (sofa + cushions + 5 pose balls)
sofa 2 sets (sofa + cushions + 2 pose balls)
side table
low table
light 1
light 2
rug (5 texchar chage by chat)



1) Sofa
cushions & pose balls are not linked with sofa
then You can move positon wherever you want.
also you can use your own pose balls or cushions instead of them

2) pose balls
There are multiple sitting animations inside.
You can change animation by  hit "Pade Down key"

hide / show pase balls by chat command

/9 show => showing balls
/9 hide => hiding balls

3) lighting

You can on light
(not actual light but just bright & glow
It not effect for face lights)

lights & table glass top by chat command

/9 on => on lights
/9 off => off lishts

4) Rug

/9 1 ~ 5   (type 1 through 5)

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