R U THERE 2010
Venue: Festival de Cannes -- Un Certain Regard
Jitze meets a girl and starts realizing what it means 
to be human in the age of the virtual worlds.

She is wearing "LPP SP left arm's armor" made in 2008 ;)

*LPP* imbalance

*LPP* imbalance
This product is sculpted cloths including
One shoulder top & 4 skirts

1) top
    1) imbalance one shoulder top

2) 4 kinds of skirts
    2) imbalance Asymmetry skirt (B&W)
    2) imbalance Asymmetry skirt (black)
    3) imbalance mini skirt (B&W)
    3) imbalance mini skirt (black)

Urge Micro TankTop & Micro skirt

*LPP* urge

This product is sculpted cloths including
micro tanktop & micro skirt in Black & White.color.

1) 3 kinds of skirts

    * Urge Micro skirt   => simple skirt
    * Urge Micro skirt with pouch  => with 1 pouch front 2 pouchs back side.
    * Urge Micro skirt with panty & pouch  => with above and panty

2) Black & White color of each sets.
    * (BK) for black color
    * (White) for white color