Released "Panzerfaust-9"
shoulder launched rocket propelled grenade weapon.

* Command List
In local chat These are the commands to use to corespond to the weapon
draw      will draw the weapon
sling       will sling the weapon
1 )Fires a rocket, 15m kill Radius. 
2) 3 second reload with reloading animation.
3) Has many Particle effects, 
Designed specifficly for Linden Damage Zone combat. 
Will not Kill People with the same group tag

* Packing List
Panzerfaust-9 => (attached on your hand)
Panzerfaust Sling  => (attached on your spin)
Panzerfaust (short-storage type) Sling => (attached on your spin)
Please chose Sling one of Panzerfaust Sling.
also you can change attache position.
Originaly it is designed to fit with my  back pack of "Black Ops heavy armer pack"

3 comment:

Toei Rei said...

It is a nice little feature to restrict damage to non-group members. But do you think they will ever learn to aim without the effect of friendly fire?

Anyways - it looks like solid work. Keep on :)

aoimizuno said...

Dear ToeiRei,

Yeh, You made a point lol.
It is just one of possibility for
Weapon damage over a large area ;)

I thank you for your comment.
I should try to keep brushing me up!

Toei Rei said...

I already had to buy some outfits from your store and I have to say, SL would be a better place if more people would work on your level of detail.

Keep on working.