1) There are 2 sculpted Jackets.
2.MoonDiver micro
2.MoonDiver micro (with bra) => with brassiere & belt, Strap parts.

Please wear "2.MoonDiver micro cover" which can
cover your skin under sculpted jacket.

2) There are 3 kinds of headset.
5. MoonDiver Headset (ear)  => position ear
5.MoonDiver HeadSet (Neck) => position on your neck
6.MoonDiver Leg band (with headset) => position on your upper right foot.
6.MoonDiver Leg band (This is just legband

3) You can select long pants style or panty. style.

*long pants style. Please wear as follows.
3.MoonDiver Long pants  => pants layer
3.MoonDiver Long pants belt  => sculpted belt with pochets

+panty style.
Do not wear long pants layer
7.MoonDiver panty => sculpted panty

8 comment:

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say I've been a huge fan of your work on Second Life for a while now, I absolutely love your designs and the quality of your work.

Just wanted you to know that, your new releases are one of my SL highlights! :D

Ayoki Yokosuka

aoimizuno said...

Dear Ayoki,

I thank you so much for your kind comments. I should have to brush me up more and more to satisfy my customer with high quality original articles ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ayoki! :D

Aoi your work is an inspiration to the other designers in SL to work that much harder! ^_^

Will the Borg suit ever be released with shirt and panty layers? Because I would really like to wear it under the Moondiver jacket. :)

Please, please, pleeease keep up the great work.x

Jodie Keng

aoimizuno said...

Dear Jodie

I hope you can enjoy it with MoonDiver ;)

Jenn said...

absolutely stunning attention to detail. I wasnt even interested in the steam punk era but you got me hooked :)

aoimizuno said...

Dear Jenn

Welcome to this world ;)
I hope that you enjoy several types of fashion with your own arrangement

Anonymous said...

The only problem I have with your stuff is what to buy next! Its all amazing and the detail is awesome. This is on my to buy list!! Love it!!
Im in the shop right now looking at several things actually as I write this!!!!!!! Well done!


aoimizuno said...

Dear Tifa, I really glad to read your comment. I will keep brush me up to create more good staffs for you ;)