Tips of fitting *LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom

*LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom
is using "alpha layer" *) Offizier mask
to hide avatar's unnatural leg silhouette.
Please wear "
*) Offizier boots L & R" in the package.
if you want to wear with upper foot prim parts
Pants style b) Offizier chaps  or Naked style a) Offizier pants

a) Offizier pants, & b)
Offizier chaps has adjustable prim.
This boots also has "adjustable prim" to cover naturally for your

invisible knee part of your leg.

You can edit to stretch each or both prim 
in order to cover your invisible knee part.
(Please do not forget to taking copy original before edit)

(x) Rider boots L & R is for single use purpose to wear other cloths.
Therefore it has no adjustable prim. 
Pleae make sure to wear.

Adjustable prim of Offizier chaps & Offizier pants parts.

adjustable prim of *)offizier boots
Edit + edit Linked and select adjustable prim
then stretch it to cover correctly of your knee

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