*LPP Panzerlied Offizier bottom

This product is sculpted bottom (pants, belt & boots)
which can fit for my Jacket"
Panzerlied (TankRiders)" and Micro top

"*Not enclosed Top Tank Riders jacket" and Micro.

This procut is using mask layer of Viewer2.0.
You should use Viewer 2.0 or compatible.

2 style enclosed.
*With pants layer as officer pants style.
*Naked style
*multi purpose boots (can used with other cloth)


With pants layer as officer pants style.:
Please select ware start with*) &  a)

*) Offizier boots L ==> Sculpted boots L
*) Offizier boots R ==> Sculpted boots R
*) Offizier boots shape ==> shape foot
*) Offizier boots mask ==> hide your avater leggs

a) offizier Pants ==> pants layer
a) offizier Pants belt ==> Sculpted belt
a) offizier Pants belt (with holster) ==> Sculpted belt with holster& dress dagger
a) offizier Pants L ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg L
a) offizier Pants R ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg R

Naked Fetish Style:
Please select ware items start with *) & b)

b) Offizier chaps belt with panty ==> sculpted bet with sculpted panty
b) Offizier chaps belt with panty & dagger  ==> with dagger of above
b) Offizier chaps L ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg L
b) Offizier chaps R ==> Sculpted parts of your upper leg R
b) panty cover crotch => panty layer to cover yourcrotch
 (hide you against time gap until showing scurpture panty)

Additionaly I made standing alone boots
if you'd like to wear them with other cloths
Please use this boots start with x)

*) Rider boots (mask) hide your foot
*) Rider boots L ==> sculpted bootswithout pants parts
*) Rider boots R ==> sculpted bootswithout pants parts

also I enclosed sculpted panty only (not a part of belt)
You can use it with othercloths.
c) sculpted panty only

4 comment:

Anonymous said...

I find in your notecards measurements for a fitting shape. But can you give some aditional measurement for the shape in Legs- and Head-Area?

Wich hairs are fitting well to the caps?

Iaky Oh (My name in SL)

aoimizuno said...

Dear laky

Head size 30
Head stretch 42
Head shape 39

Arm Length 57
Hand size 25

Tips of Cap, Most of case you need to modify your hair instead of "Head shape" in order to fit it. Otherwise your face will be different ;) take copy and try to modify it. following is my friend blog where shows how to fit hair with cap (sorry japanese but refer picture)

Fit for sculpted cloths.
wear them and modify your shape part and part in order to hide your skin under the cloths. it is the fastest way ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank very much.

I like your clothes. Wooot!


aoimizuno said...

Dear laky

I'm glad to hear that
You are most welcome ;)