Bug Fix for MoonDiver

Dear customers.
I fix Linden's bug for permission.
the inventory says that both the micro with or without bra
are modifyable. However unable to edit them.

Please rez updater on the ground.
You will get box enclosed bug fixed both jackets.

Best regards.



1) There are 2 sculpted Jackets.
2.MoonDiver micro
2.MoonDiver micro (with bra) => with brassiere & belt, Strap parts.

Please wear "2.MoonDiver micro cover" which can
cover your skin under sculpted jacket.

2) There are 3 kinds of headset.
5. MoonDiver Headset (ear)  => position ear
5.MoonDiver HeadSet (Neck) => position on your neck
6.MoonDiver Leg band (with headset) => position on your upper right foot.
6.MoonDiver Leg band (This is just legband

3) You can select long pants style or panty. style.

*long pants style. Please wear as follows.
3.MoonDiver Long pants  => pants layer
3.MoonDiver Long pants belt  => sculpted belt with pochets

+panty style.
Do not wear long pants layer
7.MoonDiver panty => sculpted panty