Dance&Music Laboratory weiβ [VAIS]

The mysterious Dance&Music unit weiβ [VAIS]
suddenly appeared on BLACK SONIC 2009.
*LPP supported their costume.

Flickr group "LPP images in SL"

My friend "YumiDoll Funizza"created Flickr group.
LPP images in SL
Please try to submit for your favourite pics of LPP images
hope you can share them with us ;)

Update "Black Ops Heavy Armer"

I created Back Pack with 2 rockets
of "Black Ops Heavy Armer"
It will be fit with my new product "Panzerfaust-9"

Added into Vendor also 
Please rez "Updater" on the ground.if you have this product.
You will get this additional Back Pack automatically.


Released "Panzerfaust-9"
shoulder launched rocket propelled grenade weapon.

* Command List
In local chat These are the commands to use to corespond to the weapon
draw      will draw the weapon
sling       will sling the weapon
1 )Fires a rocket, 15m kill Radius. 
2) 3 second reload with reloading animation.
3) Has many Particle effects, 
Designed specifficly for Linden Damage Zone combat. 
Will not Kill People with the same group tag

* Packing List
Panzerfaust-9 => (attached on your hand)
Panzerfaust Sling  => (attached on your spin)
Panzerfaust (short-storage type) Sling => (attached on your spin)
Please chose Sling one of Panzerfaust Sling.
also you can change attache position.
Originaly it is designed to fit with my  back pack of "Black Ops heavy armer pack"